Motion preassessment

Lesson 1: Forces on the playground; a scavenger hunt

playground forces worksheet

Lesson 2: Pom Pom Launchers. The force of push and pull

marshmallow launcher instructions

marshmallow task sheet

Lesson 3: Where is the Millenium Falcon.  A lesson on directions and using left and right.

The Millenium Falcon intro

Left and Right movie

Lesson 4: They all Saw a Cat

I saw the Cat relative position

They All Saw a Cat PP

Lesson 5: Jedi in a Jeep

Jedi Strength movie

Jedi in a Jeep instructions

Australia Aboriginal Fire starting

Lesson 6: Forces in Nature


Non-Contact Forces

Lesson 1: The Invisible force!

Lesson 2: What happened to Chewbacca’s hair?

What is an atom?

I am an atom video

Bill Nye static electricity

Sweater/Balloon online game

Electron transfer Ted Ed movie

Lesson 3: Do Magnets have the Force?

Lesson 4: North and South Forces

Bill Nye Magnetism 

Magnetic Field of a magnet

Google Earth

Explaining Earth’s magnetic core video


Lesson 5: Becoming a Jedi Master

Lesson 6: The force in our earth: Aurora Borealis