My ESST Unit for Grade 5 Interactions and Interdependence of Nations:

Social Unit Overview

IN Gr.5 Lessons 1-7 and Action Plan

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This is a lesson that I created for grade 4 students in my pre-internship class. I had the students work in pairs to brainstorm the process of agriculture items in Saskatchewan going from the farm into something useful. Some examples of items given to students include pasta, Saskatoon Berry jam, a leather football, honey and a wool mitt. The students had lots of fun and I found it useful to gain an understanding of what these students know about the production of items.

Creation story
The above lesson is one that created about a Cree creation story. My students clung to the characters and story line and were able to remember details of the story weeks after the lesson was taught.

Balloon Tower

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For our last teaching experience of the semester, my pre-intern partner and I co-taught a lesson to focus on team building. We divided the students into 5 groups, have each group 30 balloons and a roll of masking tape and had them build the tallest, free-standing tower possible. The students had a blast working together and were quite successful in completing the task.

Gr.5 Materials-Unit Outline
Gr.5 Materials Lessons 1-5
Cresman-Gr.5 Materials-Lessons 6-11
The above links will show you lessons that I created for a Science Unit: Grade 5 Properties and Changes of Materials.

Classmate Lessons:
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